Student Administration and Billing Services

Take the hassle out of manging your classes by asking us to do it for you.  We will connect you with the developers of our own software (Atten.Dance Ltd).  Once set up as a client,  we can set it up and run it on your behalf.  We will charge an initial set up fee and then a monthly rate based on the amount of support you use - ie the charges will be bespoke to you.

To learn more, ask us.

Academy Administration Software - Atten.Dance software is also available for your dance school or activity based club for you to subscribe to and use to manage your whole organisation.  Once set up, you can manage all your organisation's activities from one piece of web-based software: registrations, fees & billing, multiple teacher access, shared online materials through the student portal, export of data for accounts and reporting, event management, ticketing, etc.

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